No one expected this.  Here are the biggest winners of the Polish national team at Euro 2024

1. Casper Urbanski

He appeared as if he came out of nowhere and was immediately impressed with his performances in the Polish national team. Already in his debut in a friendly match against Ukraine, he showed that he is a player made of “different clay”. Something that is hard to find in our employees. Despite lacking international experience at just 19 years old and having to take the field (following an injury to Arkadiusz Milik), the 19-year-old showed great self-confidence, an original style and a willingness to influence the course of the match.

He did not lose his strength during the European Championships, nor did he lose his strength in confrontations with serious competitors in a major event. It was he who earned the most money in Germany. From an unknown player for the Polish national team, he became a player without whom it is difficult to imagine the starting lineup of the Whites and Reds. It is Kacper Urbański who could become a symbol of the transformation that Michał Probierz’s team will hopefully undergo.

2. Piotr Zielinski

For a long time, he was criticized by many for his lack of influence on the Polish national team’s match in crucial moments. Although everyone admired his skills, he did not “sell” them during our staff meetings. However, it was difficult to blame him during Euro 2024. In fact, Piotr Zielinski was the brightest spot in the ‘white and red’. He has not dealt with the pressure of replacing Robert Lewandowski as captain. This feature actually gave him wings.

It is Piotr Zielinski who will be the focus of the Polish national team, led by Michal Probers, in the next qualifying round for the World Cup and Nations League. We can only hope that the 30-year-old will avoid injuries and be able to show his usual level after moving to a new club.

3. Michel Probers

After the Poles’ performance at Euro 2024 – albeit a failure – coach Michal Probers himself must also be appreciated. The Polish national team under his leadership has not yet been able to defeat the European powers – Holland and France, as well as the very dangerous Austria, but he has proven that he is capable of fighting them. The coach himself confirmed that he put the Whites and Reds on a path from which he did not intend to deviate, and it is difficult to deny that he was right. Normalcy and good atmosphere have returned to our team. We still need to get results. The best support is good play, which is what Michel Probers himself emphasized. The 51-year-old has already obtained a trust loan from the Polish Football Association. Now he can focus on more work.

From Dortmund – Tomas Prosek

Piotr Zielinski and Robert Lewandowski/

Polish representation. Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zielinski/

Here is our special report, follow the latest developments: Euro 2024.

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