No more combustion cars in the EU.  5 Cheapest Electricians Instantly Available
  • Today, car buyers will have the shortest time to wait for an electric car
  • Drivers who wish to purchase a zero-emissions vehicle can take advantage of government subsidies for this purpose. Its value can reach 27 thousand. PLN, but in a particular case
  • The cheapest new electric car available on the Polish market is the Dacia Spring. Its price is 89400 PLN
  • More such information can be found on the home page of

The current situation in the world makes buying a car even more difficult. This is mainly due to the epidemic and the war in Ukraine, which contributed to restrictions on the supply of spare parts to car factories. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, the waiting time for an internal combustion car today is a year and a half. As the magazine suggests, In this case, it is worth considering an electric car, since in this case delivery times can be much shorter. An additional argument that might convince you to buy an electric is government subsidies for those who want to buy zero-emissions cars. For individuals, it can reach PLN 18,750, and for large family card holders, up to PLN 27000. zloty. Thanks to this, electricity does not have to be expensive. Here are the five cheapest electric cars on the market.

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Nissan Leaf

One of the cheapest new electric cars on the market today is the Nissan Leaf. The second generation of this model was presented in 2017, the cost of the cheaper version is 129 thousand PLN. 900 zlotys. The car is equipped with a 150 hp electric motor. It is powered by a battery with a net capacity of 39 kWh, so it can travel up to 270 km on a single charge.

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Renault Zoe

Another relatively inexpensive alternative among electric cars is the French Renault ZOE. The facelift version of 2019 in the basic version costs 124 thousand. 900 zlotys. The car has a 108 hp electric motor under the hood and a 50 kWh traction battery. As a result, the car’s range can reach 395 km.

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Fiat 500 E

Italy’s Fiat also boasts an interesting electric car proposal. The compact, low-emissions model 500e was introduced in 2020, its price is 107000 zlotys. The car has a 95 hp engine and a battery with a net capacity of 21.3 kWh. The range of this vehicle in the combined cycle can be up to 190 km.

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Smart EQ Fortwo

The Smart EQ Fortwo could be a smaller alternative for people who decide to buy an electric vehicle. The price of the base model, which arrived in the Polish market in 2020, is 99,000 PLN. 100 zlotys. The car has an 82 hp engine located in the rear axle of the car. One of the disadvantages of this car is its small battery capacity of 17.6 kWh. As a result, the SMART has a range of only 135 km.

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Dacia spring

The cheapest electric car in this ranking is the Roman Dacia Springwhich first appeared on the market last year. The car is equipped with a low-powered 45-horsepower engine. The car has a battery with a capacity of 26.8 kWh, which allows you to travel up to 230 km on a mixed cycle. We have to pay 89,000 PLN for this car. 400 zlotys.

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Electricity should get cheaper

The main factor that discourages drivers from buying electric cars is their prices, which will gradually decrease in the coming years. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, “Electric vehicles, although much more expensive than similar internal combustion vehicles, are getting closer and closer to the true cost of their purchase.”. According to “RZ” It takes about four years to “completely align the prices of electric and combustion engines”.

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