June 6, 2023


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“No logic, no logic.” Mularczyk about Germany’s position

Last Tuesday, the Polish Foreign Ministry reported Receipt of a response to a diplomatic note regarding payment of war reparations for damages caused by Germany during World War II. Berlin did not agree with the Polish position and announced the closure of the reparations case.

We read: “According to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, the issue of reparations and compensation for war losses remains closed, and the German Government does not intend to enter into negotiations on this matter.”

I don’t know why the Germans say that.

According to Arkadiusz Molarczyk, the German response to Polish demands “lacked logic, legal arguments, adherence to international law and decency”. – This gives the worst possible assessment of German diplomacy, which is given in one sheet to a report containing more than 1.5 thousand. pages. I don’t know on what basis the Germans claim that the reparations issue is closed, since it was never opened, because there were no negotiations and we didn’t talk about it at the same table – declared the Deputy Foreign Minister, who was a guest on Wednesday in the broadcast of “Trójkowy’s Commentary of the Day” in Program 3 From Polish radio.

Recall that Mularczyk announced Submit an application to the United Nations Request to intervene in the field of reparations for war damages. As the politician of the Law and Justice party announced on the “Troika” radio, a speech is now being prepared before the most important American institutions. – There will be meetings with members of Congress and think tanks. I hope there will be a speech at the United Nations. The deputy head of the State Department said that the role of the United States could be decisive, and emphasized: “We will do our best to bring this issue to the top of the international agenda this year. The Germans will not wait for it.”

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