Nintendo Switch OLED – Hardware review and opinion [Switch]

The Nintendo Switch is a great console that has been with me since March 2017 and is a must-have gear for me. It’s the hybrid I play with the most, because I can access the device at any time – I don’t have to sit in front of the TV. Nintendo appealed to my taste buds, or rather I perfectly matched the target group of the Japanese console, so I watched with interest all the rumors about a more powerful platform. This equipment did not appear on the market, but still The reviewed Nintendo Switch OLED device is a very positive surprise. Engineers paid attention not only to the new screen, but also improved the entire body.

Nintendo Switch OLED suggests some build changes

Nintendo did not decide to revolutionize the design and the hardware at first glance is very similar to the V1 and V2 models. As it turns out, the Nintendo Switch OLED is a bit taller (from 10 x 23.8 x 1.3 cm to 10 x 24.13 x 1.3 cm – height x length x depth), which means the console may not work properly with all the knobs. The cases are not a problem, because they save a little space, but some mounts are not compatible. The most important difference that the device offers, of course, is the screen, which although it is larger (7 inches compared to 6.2 inches V1 / V2 and 5.5 inches Lite), it is worth noting that the manufacturer in this case is reduced. The black frame is next to the screen, so the screen doesn’t really affect the device’s size.

The layout of the buttons on the controllers has not changed due to the Joy-Cony being used again – the pads can be easily swapped between models. The manufacturer has updated the top of the device, the air port, the on / off buttons and the volume control have been slightly changed. Even the game slot has been changed, which is now more difficult to open. The device also uses a larger and aluminum stand, which is a huge improvement – Now we can easily adjust the position of the console and most importantly: the device does not tip over. Even before the Nintendo Switch launched, I didn’t think I’d use this option much, but due to the terrible workmanship in the original (V1 and V2), when I had to decide to use the console in tablet mode, I just attached the external stand. Now, however, this element works great – small rubbers installed on the bottom of the device help here, which at first glance do not seem very visible, but serve to stabilize the entire platform.

The Nintendo Switch OLED hit the market in two versions (white, red, and blue), but no matter the color, it’s easy to feel The manufacturer used the comments and the console now looks better The housing material looks very good. An impressive effect is provided by the bezel between the screen, which is now not matte, and it is worth noting that the device is slightly heavier (0.42 kg with 0.39 kg V1 / V2 and 0.27 kg Lite). It’s hard for me to say anything more about the Joy-Cones’ durability – the Japanese have revealed that they’ve improved the design, but to be honest, I’m one of the lucky ones to have used one set of Nintendo consoles since 2017 and have never had major issues with these pads . However, I have the impression (as I have already seen in the V2 version) that the company has also changed the design of the starters and fenders – the L / R is now more convex.

Nintendo Switch OLED with more memory, new base and familiar battery

Nintendo Switch OLED - Review - List Comparison

The revised Nintendo Switch OLED shares the library with earlier hardware models, However, this time the built-in memory for games has increased to 64 GB (from 32 GB). That’s still certainly not enough to be able to consider several AAA products coming to the device, but we can still extend it with a microSDXC card – the memory is repurposed under the socket.

A moment with the device was enough for me to easily distinguish it from another improved element. In the latest version of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has taken care of improving the speakers, Which is louder now and the sound looks a lot more refined – although I often play headphones, the difference is so big that I can easily hear the change. The console also has an updated dock, which looks better in my opinion, but what is important for many: it also offers the ability to connect a wired Internet connection. It would definitely be a good option for gamers who want a stable network connection – although I couldn’t speak for the amazingly faster downloads during our tests. It should be noted that the station also received a new chip, thanks to which it provides support for 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, but … As you know, no Switch model currently offers such quality. However, the dock lost one USB port – we still got the option to connect two devices on the outside, but the change was made on the inside, as there was no space for USB via the network cable.

An important issue in the case of the Nintendo Switch OLED is also the battery – after all, the console, due to its new functionality, must be used mainly “in the field”. Nintendo has confirmed it Also in this model there is a battery with a capacity of 4310 mAh, Which, despite the large screen, provides a very similar working time on a single charge. The device uses a new screen that provides 5-9 hours of gameplay – It all depends on the chosen production. I’ve played Metroid Dread the most lately and in this case I can count on 6.5 hours of gameplay. Nintendo states that the devices are expected to deliver between 4.5 to 9 hours of gameplay, so the results are very similar to the V2 model. For me, this is a huge advance, because apart from a small episode of V2 I’ve been consistently playing the first release for the past few years, which doesn’t provide an amazing working time. For comparison – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the latest Nintendo hybrid offers around 4.5 hours of gameplay, while on V1 I can only count on 2.5 hours of gameplay.

Nintendo Switch OLED can surprise you a lot

Nintendo Switch OLED - Review - Dock Controller

The highlight of the Nintendo Switch OLED reviewed, however, is of course an all-new screen. The 7-inch screen is still 720p, but honestly – I wasn’t expecting such good picture quality. I have a new smartphone, I use different gadgets, but the Nintendo hybrid is a very positive surprise, because in this case you can easily feel the difference. Each individual pixel has its own backlight, and the black areas in games are really black, because at this point we’re not seeing the effects we often see in LCD screens, where blacks are actually gray. This was a big problem with previous Nintendo Switch models, because in this case, even after turning off the board it was a little gray.

The manufacturer has taken care of a very good screen that offers a deeper, absolute black contrast These elements make many games look great on the reviewed Nintendo Switch OLED. I was initially worried that the larger screen would negatively affect the quality of the case, at least on paper, the image is stretched (still only 720p), but in fact the device does not disappoint in the least.

On the Nintendo Switch OLED I had the opportunity to play Metroid Dread, among other things, and this title perfectly shows what this screen can really offer. There are many dark places in the production, but every movement of the main character provides dazzling, bright colors that simply surprise. I also recommend playing Dark Souls Remastered, as there is no shortage of dark areas and also in this case you can literally feel the new quality. I found myself installing old games from the first moment to see what they might look like on the new screen and the differences are huge. Literally every production looks better And mobile gamers will love how Little Difference provides a great experience.

Nintendo Switch OLED – Who might be interested in the equipment?

Nintendo Switch OLED - Review - Console on the side

Almost all of the improvements that Nintendo has made relate to the game in both mobile and tablet modes. The Japanese focused on players who are happy to take the podium in their hands and are not interested in the game on the big screen. The reviewed Nintendo Switch OLED offers gamers and developers a known strength, So we can’t count on products to perform better – no matter what game mode is chosen. However, I am sure that players who mainly decide to connect the switch to a large screen will not feel the changes in any way.

The Nintendo Switch OLED was developed for gamers who like to sit on the couch with the console in hand or take out equipment in the field. They will feel the huge difference in device performance, sound and above all in picture quality. The screen offers a new quality, but you need to remember that in terms of playing games – we can not expect a revolution. However, if the visual field is important to you, it’s really worth taking a look at the latest Nintendo device for at least a moment, because the device can cheer you up.

At the same time I’m sure of it The reviewed Nintendo Switch OLED will be the best choice for the biggest fans of this platform who have played the V1 in recent years and used mainly the portable mode. They will feel the biggest changes and may already have a huge list of productions that they can now play in new quality. However, it’s hard for me to answer the question if OLED is the best option for gamers who are just starting their adventure with this platform – after all, V1, V2 and Lite have the same games. In this case, a lot depends on the budget and desire, because If you want the Best Switch, the choice is simpleHowever, you have to remember that not everyone will really appreciate the work that Nintendo has done.

Nintendo Switch OLED is Nintendo’s best hybrid

Nintendo Switch OLED Review - Joy-Con

The reviewed Nintendo Switch OLED is a huge surprise to me. I do not think so OLED won’t make a big impression on us, but I’m not hiding – I’m in the recipient group. I play the Nintendo hybrid platform every free moment, play the latest games, almost all ports and many old items. I wasn’t expecting such major design changes and general improvement in workmanship – although I can confirm that I am a V1 owner. It’s not a console for everyone, but many people will enjoy playing new products on the new Nintendo Switch.

Although the The device doesn’t provide more power, the Nintendo Switch OLED can bring a new quality… However, not everyone will feel it.

Rating: 9/10 (though not for everyone)


  • OLED brings a whole new experience, popular games are back and happy
  • More internal memory…
  • Nintendo has improved the entire structure.
  • At last it works!


  • No changes to specifications
  • … although we can expect at least 128 GB
  • Equipment can be cheaper

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