Nintendo and Xbox are gone.  Players laugh at Sony

This year’s Nintendo Direct and Xbox Games Showcase certainly dominated the scene, bringing gamers plenty of excitement and amazing announcements. Compared to what Sony presented, players cannot stop laughing.

The Nintendo Direct in 2024 shocked fans by offering long-awaited titles like Metroid Prime 4, new games with Mario and Zelda, or the return of the fantastic, if very difficult, platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns HD.

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Each of these announcements was met with an enthusiastic reception, and the gaming community on social media nearly exploded with excitement. The Super Mario Party Jamboree ad was one of the many cherries on the cake, demonstrating that Nintendo still manages to deliver games that are full of fun and innovation.

In contrast, the Xbox Games Show didn’t disappoint either – any of the other events could be hidden. Microsoft made great titles, including a new version of Xbox Series Let’s add to that the ads for games like Fable, Indiana Jones, Gearsy and many more.

Meanwhile, Sony, with its PlayStation State of Play, failed to attract the same amount of interest. Online gamers openly mock the lack of exciting titles and innovations to rival the competition. There are memes circulating on social media comparing Sony’s poor showing to the explosion of ads from Nintendo and Xbox.

“Nintendo and Xbox crushed Sony” – This is one of the most popular phrases you can find on Twitter. Fan reactions speak for themselves: Sony needs to seriously rethink its strategy if it wants to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft in the coming months and years. With each new event, the pressure increases on Sony to raise the bar and get back to the top.

Will Sony be able to compensate for the losses and surprise players in the future? Many believe it is this year Nintendo Direct and Xbox Game Gallery Show who currently rules in the gaming world, which you can check out for yourself in various forums or posts on X/Twitter.

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