Nine signs that you lack confidence

Self-confidence is a state that allows you to feel good about yourself, achieve success and find a suitable place in life. When someone misses it, it can be seen in their behavior. Insecure people send several signals that they have a problem with it. What’s up with them?

Nine signs that you lack confidence

You speak badly of yourself

A person who lacks self-confidence does not see himself in a positive light. When something goes wrong, she can tell that something went wrong because she is hopeless, or even stupid, without talent. Very often, he takes all the failures on himself, and when someone says otherwise, the one who has been deprived of self-confidence does not believe what he hears.

Compliments annoy you

A person with a self-confidence problem is not good at accepting praise for himself. He often thinks he doesn’t deserve all the kind words, feels they are too exaggerated, and certainly not said honestly. There are many examples of this. If you say “you look great” it’s just an old dress, and not something interesting, you may have a problem with that. Likewise, if someone praises your contribution to the project, you will immediately be quick to explain that it was thanks to your friends and that you were only helping out.

You keep apologizing

If you are unsure of yourself, perhaps everyone else, you are trying to apologize for everything. You do it, even if you are not mistaken in a particular situation. You often respond instinctively, wanting the best to remain invisible to others, with as little embarrassment as possible.

You don’t open up to others

A person deprived of self-confidence is faced with the problem of making friends and entering into serious, friendly and relationships. Perhaps you are pushing others away from you because you are afraid of getting hurt, and you don’t think you are worthy of love or friendship.

You can’t say no

You do what others tell you to do, because your lack of self-confidence prevents you from being rejected. On top of that, you’re doing something even when you don’t really feel like it or don’t have time, but are afraid of feedback. She has trouble setting boundaries and asking others to respect them.

You are hiding in the corner

This behavior is common in people who lack self-confidence. Dress modestly, don’t go crazy with hairstyles and makeup, and don’t take the floor first. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself, feel judged, don’t seem to fit in with your surroundings. You are happy to leave meetings in a larger group, and perhaps secretly dream about not having to participate in them.

You shine in the company

Hiding in a corner isn’t the only sign of low self-confidence. Even lions, which attract so many people to them, can be very insecure. Contrary to appearances, coming out on top should not be a sign of grudge, but the lack of it. This is a specific smoke screen that allows you to silence the collectors and create the impression that they are cool, although in reality they are not. You need reassurances that he’s okay, and getting attention can get you there.

You tend to be perfect

Confident people often strive for perfection in what they do. They may be so insecure about their own abilities, competencies, and potential that they try to get everything done perfectly to be more adequate for themselves and others.

You criticize others

People with low self-esteem may criticize, make fun of others, and be malicious. They can also openly blame others for their failure. All because by kicking others, they themselves can feel better for a while at their expense.

If you notice any of the above behaviors, you may have a trust issue. This doesn’t prejudge anything, but it’s a clear indication that it’s time to do something about it. There are plenty of exercises and guides online to help you build your self-esteem. When your problem is severe and you don’t know how to deal with it, it may be time to seek help from a therapist or psychologist.

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