March 21, 2023


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Nightmare honeymoon.  I was bitten by the most poisonous fish

Nightmare honeymoon. I was bitten by the most poisonous fish

27-year-old Amy Thompson and 37-year-old Callum Thompson were in the process A two-week honeymoon in Mauritius. The couple enjoyed the local attractions and decided to go snorkeling.

Women once set foot on the ocean floor. Despite the trainer’s assurances that the land was safe, the 27-year-old was struck by a fish.

The British are beginning to feel painful. Soon she visited the hotel doctor. However, it was necessary to visit the hospital.

I looked at my feet that had become twice its size. They were all blue – She said.

The woman at first thought she had stepped on a coral reef. However, this soon became apparent I got a worm One of the most poisonous marine animals. Its bites can be fatal to humans.

At the hospital, the woman was given serum and a number of other medications to help her. Eight weeks after that incident, The woman continues to complain of severe pain.

– I have a hospital appointment on Thursday because I have lost feeling in my toe. Since arriving home, I have been on antibiotics. No solution found for this, still suffering He said 27 years.

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