News from Ida Nowakowska arrived at the last minute.  I got there quickly

Ida Nowakowska has achieved victories on Woronicza in recent years, where she was considered one of the station’s biggest stars. It all ended after October 15, when changes came to TVP.

At some point, all the current hosts of “Pytanie na Breakfast” had to say goodbye to their jobs.

What will Ida do now? There are even rumors of another trip to the United StatesBut it is not yet known how much truth there is in it.

To be sure, Nowakowska is still in Poland. She just sent an unexpected message to fans, revealing her current whereabouts.

It turned out that Ida became the ambassador of the youth meeting in Lednica. A celebrity wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t report everything online.

“Go home” – the slogan of this year’s meeting in Lednica, to which I was invited as a Caritas ambassador. (…) More than 20 thousand people came! Thank you for every conversation, every smile, every hug. “You are beautiful and brave,” said Ida happily.

In the recording you can see Nowakowska dancing and singing with the other participants in the event. Then she added respectfully:

“The house is a metaphor for our life, and the land is the values ​​\u200b\u200bon which we build the foundations, that is, our lives. There was no roof in Lednica Fields, but we all felt at home! The roof was heaven…” – she declared.

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