New Zealand.  Scientists raise alert level for Taupo volcano

Taupo Super Volcano It is located in the central part of the North Island of the region New Zealand1. Lake Taupo is located in the caldera, a large depression at the top of the volcano. It was created as a result of two explosions, which occurred about 22.6 thousand. years ago. These were the most violent volcanic eruptions in the last 70,000. Years.

From May 2022 There has been an increase in the number of earthquakes and ground deformations in the Taupo District. And therefore Scientists decided to raise the level of the volcanic alert. According to the agency, this was preceded by data analysis and the growing awareness of the volcano itself and the causes of past disturbances.

“We have almost noticed so far 700 earthquakes, mostly at a depth of four to 13 km below the lake”- GNS Science has been reported. Meanwhile, scientists assure that they are constantly monitoring both Taupō and other volcanoes for their activity.

Over the past 150 years it has been observed 17 cases of increased volcanic activity. Many of these were more dangerous than those currently observed. None of these cases resulted in a volcanic eruption. Scientists confirm.

Periods of activity are common in calderas all over the world. They occur when magma, or hot water and steam heated by magma, makes its way through the ground under a volcano, causing earthquakes, ground movement, and changes in hydrothermal systems.

Scientists say, it can last for months or years and not lead to an explosion. The intensification of phenomena affecting local areas would be alarming. I’m talking about earthquakes, landslides or land liquefaction. The disturbing width can also be significant ground distortion, on the order of tens of centimeters or metres.

The researchers say raising the alert level to one degree is essential related to environmental risks.

ultimate A powerful volcanic eruption occurred at Taupo volcano around the year 232 AD It is rated 6 on the VEI scale. on the other side The last eruption occurred in the year 260 Hence it is rated 0 on the same scale.

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