New Year's Eve with omicron in the background.  This is how the world welcomed the new year [GALERIA] |  world News

The mayor of Paris not only announced the cancellation of concerts, but also canceled the traditional fireworks display over the Champs-Elysees, which took place here many years ago, the agency said. Reuters. The traditional event in London has also been canceled, as announced on Twitter by city mayor Sadiq Khan, explaining the decision with the recent increase in the number of cases.

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In Germany, restrictions on group meetings have been in place since December 28. A maximum of 10 people will be allowed to meet in groups, whether they have been vaccinated or convicted. Fireworks displays in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt have been abandoned.

Mass events have also been canceled in Greece, where authorities have just imposed new restrictions and restricted the number of people at public events. in a United States of America s Once For the first time in the pandemic, the number of coronavirus infections in the United States exceeded 2 million in one week.

Strict restrictions on Times Square

Therefore, in New York The celebration of Times Square was very different from previous years. 15,000 people were admitted to the site, not 58,000 as before, and under strict sanitary conditions. He said that all participants in the event had to be vaccinated and wearing masks Reuters.

buried. A dinosaur appeared on Krupovki. The City Guard chase is underway

Bangkok has made the celebration possible as long as the events are held outdoors, participants are vaccinated and tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours. There were similar rules in Sydney, Australia, where you had to buy a ticket to attend the official New Year’s celebration.

Fireworks demonstrations at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, were held in Dubai, but also under strict health restrictions. Each participant had to register for the event, and download an individual QR code that would allow them to participate in the show.

New Year's Eve TVP in Zakopaneburied. New Year’s Eve TVP and viewers without masks. “Covid, covid in Zakopane”

In Zakopane, a plea for masks. whistles in response

Let us remind you that in Poland, in the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” with TVP 20,000 people enjoyed in Zakopane. Event organizers appealed to the public to wear masks. Sirens were heard after one of these pleas from the leader, Thomas Camille.

Doctors fear that this may translate into the number of infections. Only on December 31, 13,601 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Poland, and information on 638 deaths was also reported. Podahl is one of the least isolated regions of Poland.

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