New Trojan steals data from Steam and Epic Games Store accounts

According to the information Grant With Kaspersky, Trojans are becoming more and more popular on the dark web, as they are relatively easy to buy. Investigators in this case discovered BloodyStealer in March 2021, which is likely the first time it has been used. It is very difficult to detect a Trojan on a computer because it is equipped with functions that allow it to effectively disappear.

Therefore, BloodyStealer allows you to quickly get passwords, cookies, bank account data or sessions from various applications for unaware users. The Trojan is sold on the darknet forums at a low price. A monthly subscription costs about PLN 40, and lifetime access to the tool costs PLN 150. A recent study by Kaspersky showed that game account data is a very popular commodity. Logins for the most popular platforms can be purchased for as little as 55 PLN. With this amount, we have access to a thousand accounts. However, for a set of 280,000 accounts, you will have to pay less than 16,000 PLN ($4,000), and the cheapest games cost up to 0.80 PLN.

What should be done to reduce the risk of falling victim to the new Trojan horse? One of the best ways to protect your account is by using two-factor authentication. To feel safe, players should not click on links that point to external sites, which are often posted in the chat rooms of popular online games. Downloading illegal software also runs the risk of copying virus-infected files to disk. It is also worth getting the program Antivirus.


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