New traces of a huge ocean have been found on Mars

The evidence for the existence of the ocean on Mars in the past is the distinctive terrain of the regionwhich is identified as a coastline. Such a conclusion arose after analyzing several satellite images of the red planet. Scientists have identified more than 6,500 km of “rock remnants” from submerged riverbeds, deltas and canals.

Scientists used data from Mars reconnaissance vehiclecollected in 2007. Researchers used ridge thickness, angle and location analysis to understand how a region formed on Mars. Aeolis lesson. In Aeolis Dorsa you can find the most concentrated group of river deltas on Mars. Evidence collected shows that they have been here in the past Numerous changes in sea levelassociated with rapid transportation of rocky materials across rivers and ocean currents.

This research is part of the predominant research on Mars, i.e. Searching for life on the red planet. Scientists are searching for answers about whether the planet had enough favorable conditions for life to arise.

As Cardenas says, “What immediately comes to mind as one of the highlights is that An ocean of this size means a higher possibility of life. It also tells us about the ancient climate and its evolution. Based on these discoveries, we know that there must have been a period when the atmosphere was warm enough and the atmosphere was dense enough to hold that much liquid water at the same time.

The search was published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets and in natural earth sciences.

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