New Starliner release date.  Boeing is in trouble

Boeing has had problems with its Starliner space capsule for a long time. Its first flight with a crew on board was scheduled to take place on May 6, and the destination was the International Space Station. However, so far, several problems have made this debut possible.

The first launch date was abandoned while the astronauts were in the capsule. Then it was discovered that there was a defect in the oxygen valve in the upper stage of the launch vehicle. Then a problem with a helium leak in the capsule was discovered, which initially led to the launch date being postponed to the 21st, then to the 25th.

The defect continues to cause problems to this day, but Boeing confirms that it will be fixed soon. That’s why the company, in collaboration with NASA and the United Launch Alliance, announced that if all goes according to plan, Starliner will take astronomers to the International Space Station on June 1 at 10:00 a.m. 12.35 Eastern time (18.35 Polish time).

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