New Range Rovers are considered a fortune and sold blind.  Polish brand manager talks about a shocking sudden appearance

The third generation of the Range Rover Sport appears for the first time on the Polish market. Nine years later, a completely new version of this model introduced several significant changes. This SUV remains oversized (5m long), timelessly elegant and completely luxurious.

However, in the new version, it is more electric (among the driving options, there are six petrol or diesel soft-hybrid engines and two plug-ins) and … more expensive. You can learn more about this model from the text by Szymon Jasina, in which he described it First contact with a new model.

Polish saloons are leaving the last generation of the descending sports Range Roar, and their official price list now starts at PLN 363,800. The new generation significantly raises this level, up to 482,200 PLN. Many? As it turned out – not for Polish customers who have already warmly welcomed this model and more expensive Range Rover.

This result is the undisputed success of the new importer of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands on the Polish market, such as Inchcape. I recently spoke to the general manager of these brands – Jacek Górski – a moment after taking the position (link to the interview resulting from this meeting below). Now I have the opportunity to ask him how many such ambitious plans have been achieved in the current difficult situation.

Jaguar Land Rover is back in the game in Poland. New importer prepares important changes

Jacek Górski, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Inchcape Poland, a new importer responsible for … “We will not struggle for prices” announced

Mateusz Schowowski, Autokolt: The last time we spoke was at the beginning of 2021, when I took over as General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Inchscape Poland, the new distributor of these brands in Poland. During our interview, it was announced the expansion of the distribution network and the increase of its share in the Polish market. How are these plans implemented?

Jacek Gorski, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Inchcape Poland: We are implementing these plans faster than we initially assumed. We now have 16 dealerships, up six new locations in just over a year after we took over distribution. To this we will soon add two more points in Lublin and Rzeszów.

Range Rover Sport at the Polish premiere

What models most contributed to this success in the Polish market?

On the Jaguar side, it’s definitely the F-Pace, which accounts for more than 50% of the total. Sell ​​this brand in our country. At the moment, Land Rover is showing great interest in almost all models. We are more limited by its availability at the manufacturer than by demand.

Sales performance is shaped by this availability. The Range Rover Wheeler continues to be very popular and there is renewed interest in it Land Rover Discovery. The largest are the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque, but the latest models, in addition to the Velar, are increasing significantly: the Land Rover Defender and the premiere The fifth generation of Range Rover. We hope the new Range Rover Sport will also be welcomed.

Range Rover Sport at the Polish premiere

How was the new flagship Range Rover received in Poland? This is a model with a very high entry limit. Its price list starts at 652800 PLN, which puts it in a competitive position from such prestigious competitors as the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 and Bentley Bentayga.

It was fantastically received. We knew the success of the new Range Rover was coming, but we never thought it would be so fast and on such a scale. Within three weeks of the first presentation of this model on the Polish market, we accepted more than 300 applications. A significant part of them came not from the low price list, but from the top – more than a million zlotys, with the best equipment and the largest V8 gasoline engine.

The new Range Rover Sport is on its way to repeat this success. We are still at the stage of introducing this model to Polish customers at the first regional shows at dealerships, and we have already collected a lot of orders for this model as well.

Range Rover Sport at the Polish premiere

For now, JLR’s product-side positioning looks excellent, but how safe is it for the future? Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are long-running rhythm models, and their predecessors have been in production for 10 years. In 2032, the market will be almost completely electrified, while the car presented here appears for the first time on the Polish market with two plug-ins. The rest of the versions are hybrid, but so-called soft, close to conventional combustion engines.

JLR is currently concerned in the transition from the era of combustion to electricity. Jaguar was one of the first premium brands to introduce an all-electric model, the I-Pace in 2018. The future of Jaguar is electric, as JLR outlined last year. From 2025, all new Jaguar models will be fully electric.

In the case of the Land Rover, combustion engines will last longer until the mid-1930s, and once again, the burden of development will shift toward electric motors. An all-electric Range Rover will also be on the market soon, and will be launched in parallel with the versions available today.

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