March 22, 2023


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New movies and series for September 2022

New movies and series for September 2022

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King’s biographythe new season of “A Handheld Tale” and festival gems – we select the most interesting novelties in the catalog of the HBO Max platform.

Elvis premiere: September 2

A fictional biography of the king of rock and roll directed by Baz Luhrmann himself? “Elvis” He was doomed to success. Stylized image as a single long music video of Austin Butler in the title role It’s a true cinematic experience. The pace of the images flashing before your eyes, the cascading songs, intertwined with the faint cries of fans – the production is like riding a roller coaster. Once that’s done, you’ll want to try it again.

The premiere of the series “Sparawa Ideal”, the sixth season, September 8

Although the “Perfect Wife” sub-series was initially not expected to be popular, the series was a hit. The production that characterizes the state of American society, its fears, its desires, its divisions, and its grievances has lived for five seasons. The sixth installment is to be the last. In the grand finale, we’ll see Kristen Baransky, Audra MacDonald, and Sarah Steele on screen again.

Premiere of “Licorice Pizza”: September 11

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film drips with nostalgia A Journey to the Stylish Seventies the last century. Alana and Gary’s chance encounter begins a series of adventures that build a special bond between teens. Starring Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, as well as Sean Penn, Maya Rudolph, Bradley Cooper and Benny Safdie.

“The Restless” premiere: September 11

They set the rhythm of life for Layla and Damien Subsequent episodes of his illness. She tries to persevere with him despite the challenges that accompany it. One day, he is no longer able to reconcile the roles of wife, mother and nurse. Illness begins to take up so much space in their relationship that there is not enough room for anything else. What decision will he make? The film entered the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was praised for its multidimensional perspective on the experiences of people suffering from a mental health crisis.

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The first show of “The Handmaid’s Tale” season 5, September 14

After the thrilling finale of Season 4, June and his accompanying mobile devices will have to face the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, the new threat is getting stronger. Away Elizabeth Moss and Yvonne Strahovski, the screen will feature Joseph Fiennes, Madeleine Brewer, Max Minghella, Amanda Brueghel, O.T. Vajpinelli, Samira Wiley and Ann Dodd. Alexis Bledel (Emily), who announced her retirement in May, will not appear in Season 5. Genevieve Angelson will join the cast.

“Los Espookys” Season Two Premiere: September 16

A continuation of the adventures of the Los Espookys team, that is, the specialists from horror moviesWho, at the request of customers, reconstruct their favorite films on the ground. Of course, it is not without accidents. The Mexican series is a show for fans of black humor and pop culture inspiration. The show will throw out a lot of fall blues.

Film “Vera Dreams of the Sea” Premiere: September 24

Vera (Tota Agdini) has just buried her husband, who has left many secrets closely guarded by the male clan. At the center of the conflict is a country house to secure the future of Vera’s daughter and granddaughter, who has reportedly been promised to someone else. Calterina Krasnica’s film, winner of the Ingmar Bergman Award for Best Debut at the Gothenburg Festival, will continually unravel the knot of patriarchal dependencies that women hold hostage. Kosovar production was hailed as last year’s revelation Venice Film Festival.

Clara Sola movie premiere: September 25

The long-running debut of Swedish director Natalie Alvarez Messen, which was warmly received at Cannes, follows Clara, a 40-year-old Costa Rican woman, who is living a sexual and mystical awakening, as she embarks on a journey to freedom.

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