June 7, 2023


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New metro changes due to the war in Ukraine. The developers have made the Metro Exodus SDK freely available

4A Games released a statement regarding their current activities. The developers do not hide that although a large part of the studio left for Malta years ago, many of the creators are still working in Ukraine, but the people of this country have been fighting Russian forces for nearly a year.

In August 2014, 4A Games published a letter in which the company assured that its employees were “not traitors”, but because of the events in the country, the developers left for Malta. Since then, a lot has happened, the company still has branches in Ukraine, and due to the ongoing war, studio representatives cannot count on peace.

“The lives of all Ukrainians changed on February 24, 2022 with the all-out Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over the past months, normal life has been destroyed and replaced, and we are still trying to understand what it means to live and work when our homeland is at war. But despite the difficulties, we are as strong as we are.” We can “.

4A Games confirmed that although it has an international team, the majority of employees are Ukrainians who work in the office in Kyiv or other cities in Ukraine and Europe. Some employees have joined the military to defend their country, and the company helps by providing financial and logistical assistance.

However, the studio decided to mention it It is still developing a new game in the Metro series, however, it was changed due to the war.

“The next Metro game is also changing for the better. And not just because of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We have never hidden the fact that the Metro series has always carried a strong political and anti-war message. Yes, we always wanted to entertain you and immerse you in a post-apocalyptic world, but we also had “A bigger story to tell. And the war in Ukraine has made us rethink what the next Metro should be. All of Metro’s themes—conflict, power, politics, authoritarianism, and oppression—are now part of our everyday experience. So we take them and weave them into the game for a new purpose.” .

However, the developers have to face several problems caused by the war:

“We also need to control our expectations – as far as the Kyiv studio and staff are concerned in Ukraine, they are now working in the most terrifying and bizarre conditions. Some days start with waking up in the morning and having a coffee. Some start with sirens and missile attacks. Some days we take the subway to Work, but other days we have to resort to it. Every day we try to live as normally as possible, yet we are faced with power and water cuts, families who need to change residence, friends and colleagues who volunteer or are called to the front. Our “new” normal “…it is by no means natural. It is life in war, and it inevitably shapes our games.”

However, 4A Games took the opportunity to prepare the Metro Exodus SDK – these are the official tools for creating mods. Game owners will be able to install the full editor for free, which will allow you to do great things:

It’s not just simple mod support – we’re giving you our full editor as it was back in the day Metro Exodus was released, with the ability to create standalone content that runs from the base executable. We’ve integrated Mod.io support, so it’s really easy to manage Share your own content.If you’re also familiar with visual scripting, our editor leaves the door wide open to possibilities, so get creative!Along with many tutorial levels, and as an example of a fully functional charge level, we’ve included a fully unpacked Metro Exodus level You can tear it apart with our tools.Feel like a member of the 4A Games team – we’ve put together everything that designers, artists and animators can access!

Fans can create locations, models, particles, terrain, weather, and even “visual scenarios,” which are scripts for the game’s complex features and AI behaviors.

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You can download the Metro Exodus SDK from the studio’s websiteWhere you will also find additional information.