New limiter, old septic tank.  We were reminded of what the Polish national team was like years ago

It hasn’t been more in years Weird, dreary and dreary press conference, where a new stage and a new opening in the Polish national football team will be announced. Although it was held backstage at the National Stadium, it symbolically referred to its predecessor – the Gallery of Europe.

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Michniewicz fights corruption attacks. “I was not a witness to the crown”

The conference was unique not only because of its length – it lasted just over an hour. Among the topics related to contract negotiations, conversations with football players or tactics for the match with Russia, the topic of a corruption scandal also appeared.

He showed up because he had to show up. Yes, Ceslav Michenewicz He was never charged, and the prosecutor’s office found no evidence that he was match-fixing, but in the corruption scandal that blighted Polish football at the turn of the century, his name came to light. Michniewicz is innocent, but suspicions remain. LIVE live from 20.00. Exclusive interview with Czeslaw Michnowitz

For the record: Between July 2003 and November 2005, Michniewicz and Ryszard F., better known as “The Hairdresser”, the head of the match-fixing mafia, made 711 phone calls to each other. Michniewicz was in the lead at the time why And it so happened that on the day of the match he called “The Hair Coiffure” several times. Try a “stylist” to fix Results Poznan team matches.

Michniewicz lobbied against corruption. flower

And during the conference at the National Stadium, it was clear from the start that these 711 links were up in the air, and that Mitchnoys had to point out. Three questions were asked on this topic – from Andrzej Janisz of Polish Public Radio, and Szymon Jadczak of Wirtualna Polska, specific questions. There was an appeal to Michniewicz for a statement regarding 711 contacts, there was a question to Kulesza about his moral feelings about the candidacy of “a man who had been in regular contact with the head of the football mafia for two years and four months”, there was also a question for the chosen one about specific conversations with “Styling Poetry” in front of one of the arranged matches.

– I did nothing wrong, I have no accusation, I was not – contrary to what some say – a witness to the crown. And I have every right, just like any of us sitting here, to work. There are no obstacles for me to lead the Polish national team. And that’s what I’m doing today – Michenewicz answered first.

After which, Gadjak clicked on him and responded. Being a man prepared for tough questions, he became more and more annoyed. – Your statement is appropriate for the OTP. And it’s not I who have to bear, you. You’re implying that I participated in two sold-out games, and that’s just nonsense – said Mitchnewicks. – The situation happened 18 years ago, I don’t know what I was talking about – He added of his connections to “The Hairdresser”, although he recalled moments before the then Lech Formation from memory, he got tangled up in his explanation of who put it in the game and who didn’t, quote The names of the players who have not had anything to do with the ball for a long time.

Only acting is like powder, like strong makeup

Questions about the corruption scandal were the kind to ask, though in light of the law – it must be emphasized – Michnoise is innocent. – There is no ruling, and saying “Mafia man” is offensive. Today we have Action Russia, let’s focus on the playoff, not on kicking the ankles. Our main goal is to advance to the World Championships. Today we will organize wars and quarrels with each other – appealed to the President PZPN Colisa.

– Gentlemen, I would like to end the discussion – he said after a moment, interrupting the exchange of opinions between Michenewicz and the journalist. – The discussion today is not devoted to what was 18 years ago, and today we choose the manager who is the most important person today.

But exactly because the determiner is the most important person we talk about than he was 18 years ago! Kulesa knew that by choosing Micniewicz as the national team coach, he had been opening a septic tank for the corruption scandal for years. Now he is surprised that he has to answer the uncomfortable questions and that this drain still smells. Not only that, he has already begun to poison the air around the staff – foreign media already reported this at the Polish national team congress new selector The journalist threatened the prosecution.

Yes, it was one of the strangest and saddest in the new history of Polish football. Kulesza – who was extraordinarily nervous that day and could barely build his sentences – wanted to hit the ball at any cost. But it was his choice that made Polish fans drift into the dark corners of the football world.

When Michniewicz called “The Hairdresser” – and didn’t even want to hack what they were talking about – today’s twenty-year-olds learned to talk. They don’t remember or ‘the hairdresser’, they have no idea Amica and Ronke exist, they won’t smile at the words of a single black sheep, and they’ll make a sullen and surprised face when they hear the bundles of banknotes hidden in the spare wheel. However, the corruption scandal showed one of the ugliest faces of Polish football, which, let’s be honest, is not attractive. Which league, 28th in the club’s standings UEFA, the behavior of fans in stadiums and training centers, zero achievements in European Cups.

And only acting is like powder, like strong makeup. Looking at Robert Lewandowski or Piotr Zieliński or Wojciech SzczsnyKeeping our fingers crossed for promotion to the World Cup and World Cup, we can forget about digging into league matches for a moment.

Now, with Michniewicz’s nomination, it looks different. On the occasion of the Polish national team, this cesspool reminds us that Polish football was soaking in it.

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