June 2, 2023


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New information on Schumacher's health.  "I live with the consequences"

New information on Schumacher’s health. “I live with the consequences”

In December 2013 there was an accident Chumashira Skiing in the French Alps. Ex-Ferrari driver since then Formula 1 It remains hidden and does not appear in public. Only a few people can reach the legendary German cityin a. Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

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New information on Schumacher’s health. Todd: He’s alive, but with the consequences of this accident

A former rally driver regularly reports on Schumacher’s health. This time, the daily Bild convinced him to do so. Todd emphasized the role of Schumacher’s wife in the whole situation. Corinna is a wonderful woman and she runs the household. She wasn’t expecting this, but she had no other choice. Thanks to the doctors and her support, she wanted Michael to live and it just happened. He said that he is alive, but with the consequences of this accident.

The French spoke a bit more about Schumacher’s current health – at the moment he is struggling with the consequences of the accident. I hope he gets better. Todd noted that he improved slowly but surely.

On September 15, the premiere of a documentary about the life of the former world champion will be held Michael Schumacher Titled “Schumacher” produced by Netflix. Fans hope to reveal any information about the current fate of the German driver, which has been shrouded in mystery until now.

Michael Schumacher celebrates the F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai, 2016.We know the premiere of a movie about Schumacher! “I’ll show Michael what it is.”