New information about the health condition of the Prime Minister of Slovakia

Robert Fico’s health is improving. The Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot on May 15 in the town of Handelova, after a remote government meeting. 71-year-old Guraj C fired several shots at Vico and the culprit was arrested. His actions were considered politically motivated.

Prime Minister Fico was shot on May 15 by 71-year-old Juraj C. The attacker was arrested and is in custody.

He attacked after a government meeting far away in the town of Handelova, when Fico came to greet the people. He was seriously injured in his stomach and chest, and was taken to hospital in Banska Bystrica, where He underwent two surgeries.

Since then, his condition has gradually improved.

Based on the results of the tests, today’s medical committee meeting confirmed the gradual improvement in the Prime Minister’s health condition – The government reported without providing further details.

The perpetrator was charged with attempted premeditated murder, which is punishable by 25 years or life imprisonment.

According to the court’s justifications, Yuvraj C said during interrogation that he did not intend to kill the Prime Minister. He said He does not shoot, but rather gives him the book prepared for him in advance. He reiterated that he could shoot and aim in a way that would not endanger the life of the chosen victim. He also made it clear that he did his best not to endanger people from the crowd or the personal guards of the Prime Minister and members of the government.

Yuraj C testified that two days before he shot the Prime Minister in Handelova, he heard about the place and time of the government meeting outside the country. On the day of the attack, he got into his private car and headed to Handelova. He took her with him Legally owned CZ 75B pistol, Which he has had since 1992 and two bullet magazines.

The attacker told the court that he did not agree with what he described as the current government policy “Judas” towards the European Union. He particularly criticized the decisions on criminal law reform, which led to the liquidation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and the suspension of military aid to Ukraine. The court document does not contain any information regarding possible associates of Juraj C.

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