New information about GTA 6?  A purposeful post for a musician associated with Rockstar Sport

Grand Theft Auto series. Almost everyone who for a moment thought about calling himself a player had to play in any of its versions. The latest title of the GTA series was released almost 9 years ago. The community is actively looking for the slightest bit of information about continuity, often looking into leaks as well.

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We know little officially

There is really little information about GTA 6 that comes directly from Rockstar Games. It is known that the game is being created and work on it has been going on for several years. However, the creators avoid providing more detailed information, such as where the game was made or the release date.

No wonder people who are hungry for information pay attention to unofficial rumors and gossip. You can find out more of this stuff, although you’ll have to wait for the official confirmation at least until the official trailer. By believing the rumors, the game is supposed to be very polished and consume even several hundred gigabytes of disk space. In addition, we visit not one, but several cities, including London.

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Shall we find out more soon?

Part of the community places a lot of hope in recent online publications a musician KRYPTO9095, which is closely related to Grand Theft Auto. On his Twitter account, we can see several entries that refer directly to Rockstar Games. One has a short gif with the company logo and a text message “GTA 6 is coming”, and another image of it from Rockstar HQ, showing six fingers.

This is. No background information or subliminal messages. Entries can mean a lot, or they may mean nothing. Maybe something really big is coming with GTA 6 or the musician has collaborated with the developers of the game, or maybe it’s making noise around you.

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