March 31, 2023


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New games for PS5 and PS4.  Sony announces premieres this week

New games for PS5 and PS4. Sony announces premieres this week

The end of 2021 is very quiet for the PlayStation community, but that doesn’t mean that titles from third-party teams don’t debut on the market. Check out the latest articles dedicated to the latest shows for the first time.

The Japanese manufacturer recently made a surprise for PS5 users and officially announced it console panels And A set of new DualSense controllers. Thus, at the beginning of next year, some players will be able to play their favorite games using galactic-inspired platforms.

But what can we count on in the coming days? The PlayStation Access editorial team produced material focusing on what’s new this week, Shown Between Us, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach and the Fatesworn Expansion for Kingdoms of Amaulr: Re-Reckoning.

Thanks to the latest addition to the production of Kaiko studio, players will enter completely new areas of Amalur, mountain villages, caves and the ancient city of Crownhold. The main story, in which you have to face the Chaos God, will last about 6 hours. This week’s other premiere, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, is the next installment of the horror movie Steel Wool Studios has been working on. Playing a boy named Gregory, we have to face terrifying opponents in the mall.

What game are you planning to release this week?

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