March 28, 2023


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New games coming to the Microsoft Store! Xbox will see some interesting firsts

In the week drawing to a close, we finally got to know the first titles coming in the coming months on Game Pass. And this would be really good – especially considering the fact that Microsoft will most likely decide to present us with more surprises, as it usually does. There is always something “out of nowhere”, and this is a great practice.

However, for those who want to know what awaits them, there is the Microsoft Store, where there is no shortage of new games. Especially in the current period, which the next few months will be the special year for gamers – we are overwhelmed with launches. However, in order to find ourselves in it, the Xbox team got ready for us List of upcoming releases. Check out!

  • Forest Cathedral (March 14)
  • Anno 1800 console release (March 15)
  • Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition (March 15)
  • Defense of the Rook (March 16)
  • Peppa Pig: World Adventures (March 16)

* Available on Game Pass

I found nothing that particularly caught your attention? I am convinced that everyone will be able to choose from the above list at least one game that seems interesting. The cross-section of the species is really big, so I just encourage you to give them a shot. Who knows – maybe some solid gems are hidden there?

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