February 9, 2023


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Niepublikowane wcześniej nagranie z drona, do którego dotarła CNN, obala kłamstwa Rosji w sprawie odpowiedzialności za masakrę w podkijowskiej Buczy. Widać na nim rosyjskich żołnierzy i sprzęt niedaleko leżących na ziemi ciał cywilów – podała amerykańska stacja.

New drone recording refutes Russia’s lies about the Bokza massacre

A previously unreleased drone video obtained by CNN exposed Russia’s lies regarding responsibility for the Bokza massacre near Kyiv. The American station said it showed Russian soldiers and equipment near the bodies of civilians lying on the ground.

CNN confirmed the authenticity of the recordings made on March 12 and 13, when Russian forces occupied Bukha.

The author of the article has not been named due to safety concerns about this individual.

In the video from March 13 A Russian military vehicle can be seen at one of the intersections and three bodies of civilians are visible near it. The same bodies were seen in previously shared recordings from April 1 and satellite imagery from March 18.

According to CNN, the drone footage is the first evidence showing Russian vehicles and soldiers near the bodies that were later found there after Ukrainian forces captured the area.

This refutes the allegations of Russian officials who are trying to deny responsibility for the massacre. Anderson Cooper, a journalist for CNN, said in the materials that President Vladimir Putin’s words that “a provocation not related to the Russian army” was staged in Bokza is an “obvious lie”, offensive to the relatives of the victims.

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For the first time, the station also publicly displayed photographs taken by residents during the occupation, which were submitted by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General to collect evidence in the Bokza war crimes case. It shows how the corpses of more civilians appeared on the streets during the Russian occupation.