New details of the scandal in the Albania-Poland match.  "What are you doing? Are you afraid?"  Polish representation

Polish representation They beat Albania 1-0 in the qualifying match World Championship. From the start of the match in Tirana, it was very hot in the stands. First, the Albanians booed the national anthem of the Polish national team. The negative atmosphere escalated after the goal of Paulo Sousa’s team in the 77th minute, when bottles and other objects from the stands fell on the heads of the Poles. Accordingly, the meeting was interrupted by about 20 minutes. In the end, the match was completed, but if it was repeated again, Albania was threatened with loss.

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The press spokesman returned to these events again PZPN Jacob Kwiatkowski in pages “fact”. It was so annoying from the start. The atmosphere was getting thicker with every minute. During the Polish anthem, we were booed, and then we began to throw various objects, especially bottles, at Wojciech Szczny, or Pyotr Zelensky, or, in particular, Karol Schwedersky, who fell on him with a hail of bottles while enjoying his goal. It was not one, two, three, said Kwiatkowski, but two hundred.

Kwiatkowski revealed behind the scenes of the Tirana scandal during el. world Cup. “They were upset with our obedience to the judge.”

Later in the conversation, he revealed what he said to a representative of the Albanian staff when the two teams had to take a forced break in the changing rooms. I responded to dairy complaints. Someone shouted to us, “What are you doing, what are you doing? Why are you leaving the field? Why don’t you want to play? Are you afraid?” I shouted to him: “What are you doing? What are your fans doing? The referee stopped the match and ordered him to go to the dressing room, so we went down.” But no one was interested in this tour. We wanted the arbitrator to resume the meeting to terminate it – he explained.

Kwiatkowski emphasized that no one from the Albanian staff of Polish footballers had apologized for the outrageous behavior of the Balkan fans. – They had a grudge because we obeyed the ruling and left the field at his command. After the match it was normal, we thanked each other for competing on the field, but it was clear that the hosts were very disappointed with the defeat. For the Albanians, the clash with us was one of the most important confrontations in their history footballThey had high hopes of being promoted to the playoffs. Well, we thwarted their plans. […] He added that when we were on our way to Tirana, we expected it to be hot, but I didn’t expect it to be like that.

Simon Marciniak appointed by UEFA.  It will host the Champions League match at the famous stadiumRe-election of Simon Marciniak by UEFA. It will host a Champions League match

Last Thursday, the Albanian Football Association issued a statement about the matter, blaming the Polish fans for the scandalous events.. As we read, they were”calendar Constant provocation and very aggressive behavior on the part of Polish fans […] Polish fans are notorious for such behavior and for several days the people involved in the match did their best to prevent more serious events.” You can read more about the Albanian Federation statement here >>>.

FIFA condemned the behavior of Albanian fans. There will be punishment

FIFA got involved in the whole thing a few days ago and condemned the behavior of Albanian fans. The World Federation analyzes the reports on Tuesday, el. Toilet in connection with the plan to draw the appropriate consequences. Albania is said to be facing a fine of between 100,000 and 200,000. euro One of the stands closed.

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