New Croc cannot be watched.  Is it worse than we thought?

new black Crow It faced many problems and negative backlash from long-time fans of the original from the 1990s, and some viewers had already expressed their concerns when Lionsgate announced a remake with Bill Skarsgard championship. screenwriter warriorCliff Dorfman had the opportunity to see the film at the preview screening. He shared his opinion on social media, but quickly deleted the post – likely because he tagged the studio, and shared a negative opinion about the film.

– If someone sees the offer by default a pot, which Lionsgate will release in August, you could say it’s terrible, unwatchable, so don’t waste your money or you won’t believe it’s much worse than the original. Because it is.

The Crow – A new take from the reboot

Bloody Disgusting has shared a new photo with Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven. See for yourself. 67 948615f5ab9cd8dd3f%7Ctwcon%5Es1_& %2FNew Crow Still Issues First Reaction Calls Upcoming Reboot Unwatchable a211372

Novy Kroc – Conspiracy, Premiere

The original comic book hero is musician Eric Draven, who dies trying to save his fiancée from the thugs who attacked them. Unfortunately, the woman also dies. A year after these events, Eric is revived by a mysterious crow. He is neither alive nor dead, and the titular bird is his link to the world. The hero decides to take brutal revenge on the people who brought hell on him.

It will restart for the first time August 23, 2024 In cinemas.

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