New Center for Neurological Rehabilitation and Senior Citizens has started registration for residencies

A new rehabilitation center, Neuroport, is being built in the Jeżyce district of Pozna – for adults with neurology and orthopedics and the elderly. It is the only place of this kind in Greater Poland, where classic rehabilitation support is used during the camps in the form of devices in the field referred to as rehabilitation robots.

This may be a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of people with reduced mobility due to neurological diseases, orthopedics and oncology (with neurological symptoms). Thanks to the use of the latest solutions based on sensory therapy technology, Neuroport It gives the patient the opportunity to continuously monitor and correct the quality of the movement being performed.

Robots support classic rehabilitation

All thanks to properly selected equipment that supports classic rehabilitation. One such device is the Lokomat Pro 6 – enabling re-education about walking even in people who have lost this function due to disease. Regular training with this device allows you to prevent many consequences of neurological diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Treatment is particularly recommended for people with gait disorders after stroke, traumatic brain injury or multiple sclerosis.

Other devices used in Neurological Rehabilitation Center and Seniors are Armeo Spring, Bimeo for upper limb rehabilitation, Manovo Spring and Music Glove for hands rehabilitation. Each plays an essential role during rehabilitation periods for adults with neurological and orthopedic diseases and during the stay of the elderly.

Neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation residency

Two types of stays are organized in the Neurological Rehabilitation Center and the elderly. The first of them is divided into three types and is intended for people whose mobility has deteriorated due to diseases:

– brain attack
Multiple sclerosis
– Parkinson’s disease
Spinal cord injury
Neuromuscular diseases

Hip joint
– The knee joint
Limb fractures
Communication injuries
Orthopedic rehabilitation after hospital

Oncology (with neurological symptoms):
After radiotherapy
after surgery

As part of this type of residency, treatments such as kinesiotherapy or neurorehabilitation – PNF, bopath or physiotherapy methods are performed. Details of treatments are included in the individual residency programmes.

In addition, it is worth noting that the center is equipped with a standing table and lifts for the so-called dynamic relief, which greatly facilitates the rehabilitation of wheelchair and lying users. With this equipment, qualified staff and top-notch care – each patient is comprehensively guided on his or her way to improving mobility.

Senior Rehabilitation Residence

The second type of accommodation provides support for seniors with limitations in general fitness in old age. However, the stay of the elderly here is not only based on rehabilitation. The center caters to health needs, but also to needs such as widely understood social, aesthetic and spiritual needs. Thanks to a holistic approach, a full stay for the elderly can significantly affect his safety, and therefore – often leads to the best results during the rehabilitation itself.

The program of this type of accommodation includes a number of activities:
General developmental rehabilitation
Joint activities and exercises
Workshops on passion and creativity
– Classes in music therapy, art therapy, aesthetic therapy, bibliotherapy and other forms of creative activities

Everything is done in a functional and modern building adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Seniors have at their disposal bright and comfortable double rooms, a garden and many other spaces for leisure and relaxation. An additional advantage is the location of the center itself. Nearby is Lake Kierskie, near which there is a high concentration of iodine. This, in turn, affects, inter alia, the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Currently, subscriptions for rehabilitation stays and stays for the elderly are ongoing. More information about the program of activities and contact for reservations can be found at:

You can register for Rehabilitation Residences by calling 500490590.

Neuroport Neurological Rehabilitation Center and the Elderly
water. 28- Borgerwa
60-480 Poznan
+48 500490590
[email protected]

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