March 22, 2023


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New Brunswick | The police officer who shot Chandel Moore will not be charged

(Fredericton) New Brunswick Public Prosecution Service announced Monday that the officer who shot Chandel Moore a year ago will not face any criminal charges.

The Canadian Press

MMe On June 4, 2020, a 26-year-old native of Moore was shot dead by a member of the Edmundston Police Force during a “welfare check.” Investigators said the young woman approached police with a knife at the time. In her hand.

The investigation was handed over to Quebec’s Independent Intelligence Bureau because New Brunswick does not have its own police oversight body.

In a statement released Monday, the attorney general’s office explained to police that day that “there were reasonable grounds to believe that a force or force threat was being used against him.”Me Moore, he shot her for defensive or defensive purposes, and his actions were justified under the circumstances. ”

The prosecutors therefore concluded that there was no “reasonable chance” of sentencing.

Separately, New Brunswick Chief Coroner Jerome Ovalet met with Mr Announced his office inquest into the death.Me Moore will make his debut in the “Edmundston area” on December 6. The exact location and name of the coroner who will lead the investigation is said to be announced later.

The role of the coroner is not to find those responsible, but the arbitral tribunal can make recommendations aimed at preventing further deaths in similar situations.

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