"Never do this."  Deputy KO issued an appeal.  It was about Tusk's son

The revelation of Marcin W’s testimony followed A famous article by Newsweek journalist Grzegorz Rzeczkowskiwho revealed that Valenta was supposed to sell recordings from the Sowa i Przyjació restaurant to Russian services.

Mikhail Tusk in an interview with Oni vehemently denied the reports, saying that “this is nonsense.”.

– Pure politics hits another politician. The worst thing I am very opposed to is getting my family involved. I myself have such a fuse in myself that I would never attack my family, not even verbally, let alone such stories. Because I know how it hurts – emphasized the koala.

A game of attacking Tusk and saying two days later that it wasn’t a serious testimonial is simply not good. But this is not the only element. And hatred galvanized the opposition, but above all against Tusk, the daily attacks on him on TVP, it is very immoral, it is a complete breakdown – he added.

The KO politician stated that PiS politicians “take responsibility” for the attacks on Tusk as “a misfortune to happen”. – I don’t want to say anything so as not to drive the wolf out of the woods, but I can see what is going on, and I can see that without moderation, it is madness, that these are incarnate demons who do so without moderation – he concluded.

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