Neuroport – fast and effective rehabilitation

Stroke, accidents, myocardial infarction, and severe orthopedic surgery are usually associated with temporary or permanent loss of the patient’s ability and independence, making it necessary to use the help of others. Until it affects us or someone close to us, we don’t realize how much trouble lies ahead. This is why we at Neuroport focus on providing effective rehabilitation for people who suffer from the effects of such diseases.

NEUROPORT is a place that offers comprehensive rehabilitation based on individual treatment plans, tailored to patients’ needs. More than 500 patients with various diseases, who have benefited from comprehensive treatment in recent months, have already found out. Evidence of our professionalism and effectiveness in treatment is the fact that more than half of these patients come back to us to maintain the effects of rehabilitation.

Neuroport specialists rehabilitate patients:
After strokes in neurological diseases
Oncology patients during and after radiotherapy who need specialized rehabilitation
After surgeries, injuries and traffic accidents
After orthopedic operations and after implantation of artificial joints
after heart disease

It is the only place of this kind in Wielkopolska, where, in addition to classic physiotherapy, individual rehabilitation programs use innovative robotic devices, such as Lokomat. Rehabilitation is carried out on a commercial basis.

Neuroport has a comfortable space with many amenities, specially designed to meet the needs of patients, for whom we offer the opportunity to rest in comfortably equipped double rooms with rehabilitation beds, as well as access to several common areas, dining room and delicious meals.

Neuroport is adapted for elderly people affected by many diseases, and a professional and competent team of therapists, with the support of specialized programs, selects individual rehabilitation programs.

Neuroport is a place focused on getting rapid rehabilitation effects in the form of improved physical fitness, communication, social and cognitive functions.

Neuroport Center for Neurorehabilitation and the Elderly
street. Bugerova 28, 60-480 Poznań
+48 500490590 Email: [email protected]

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