Netherlands: The body of a man was found in the landing gear of a KLM plane

A man’s body was found in the landing gear of a KLM flight from Canada to the Netherlands. It is not clear when the victim entered the device. Previously, the plane was supposed to be in Nigeria.

The case was reported by the NL Times. Authorities at Schiphol Airport said the body was found on an incoming plane To the Netherlands from Canada. suspected that the man was “stealthily”But it is not clear where and how he got on the plane.

His body was in the landing gear mechanism, the covers of which remain open when the landing gear is extended and the aircraft is on the tarmac, for example.

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According to Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, the plane in which the body was found Before visiting Canada she was Lagos, Nigeria.

The investigation is underway. The authorities want to identify the victim

An airport spokesperson said there was no information at this time when the deceased man had climbed onto the landing gear system. “The investigation is still ongoing,” he added We are trying to identify the victimSo the family can be informed.”

A similar situation happened two years ago. Alive A 16-year-old girl from Kenya was found in the landing gear compartment of the planethat flew from Lagos to Amsterdam.

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As an airport services spokesperson points out, such flights usually end tragically due to the low temperature at the aircraft’s cruising altitude and low oxygen levels. During long flights, the temperature in the landing gear compartment may drop down to -50°C.


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