Netherlands. Greta Thunberg arrested during protest. Police took her away.

Activists blocked the A12 motorway leading to The Hague in the Netherlands. Among them was Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Two police officers escorted the 21-year-old to a special bus to arrest her.

It was targeted by climate activists on Saturday. Motorway A12 in The Hague, Netherlands. These included, among others: Greta Thunberg, She is known for her involvement in similar initiatives – as reported by Swedish media, including Omni Portal.

The protesters did everything they could to effectively block traffic on the road: they stood holding signs, but they also lay down on them. Finally They managed to achieve their goal. The police had to use it. Water cannons.

Greta Thunberg is being held by police. Again.

Thunberg was among those who tried desperately to block traffic on the road. Police arrested the 21-year-old. Photos emerged online showing two officers carrying her onto the bus.

Climate Organization is responsible for implementing the demonstration. Extinction RebellionOnline, activists said they were protesting against who was appointed. New Dutch Government“It is made up of climate change deniers,” they wrote.

look: Protest in The Hague Greta Thunberg detained by police

They referred to the Minister of Asylum and Migration Affairs. Marjolein Faber Minister of Infrastructure Barriego MadelineraThey both entered the office. Rooster Showwhich was created on Tuesday. It consists of a coalition of four parties, including the far-right Freedom Party (Pff) Geert Wilders -This is where Faber and Madeliner belong.

Greta Thunberg is back in police hands

to Back when police arrested Thunberg – This happened before, among other things, in April. At that time the highway was also closed.

Protesters have been appearing on the A12 motorway for several months, trying to stop traffic, and uniformed Dutch officers are trying to stop them. During previous blockades, activists have been arrested and later It is transported by buses to other parts of the city.where they were released.

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