Netflix scam.  Fake SMS will charge you for subscription.  "Stay alert"

Over a long weekend criminals They are not resting! attention To fake SMS messages pretended by cybercriminals Netflix– Urges the Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (CSIRT KNF).

Santander warns customers. Scammers encouraged with a reward

Scammers send text messages containing a link. Don’t click, warn your friends

Criminals send links in SMS messages that lead to a dangerous website. They use it for website login details and payment card details. “Stay alert and warn your friends!” – CSIRT KNF writes on Twitter.

You can read more information from Poland on the homepage

In the next post for experts, we read that scammers They also want to associate the card with mobile payments apple Pay. “In most cases, mobile payment limits are higher than traditional methods – check it out!” – They resume.

Scammers are trying to rob us. How do you protect yourself from it?

Cybercriminals use various methods to obtain and extort data money potential victim. The most common way is to get people to click on your links or ads from search enginesFrom which they are then directed, for example, to fraudulent websites of banks.

“Designed website, instead of allowing physical access to the bank’s transaction service, steals login details” – Bartłomiej Pawlak wrote on

Scammers impersonate InPost and clean up accounts for scratchingScammers impersonate InPost and clean up accounts for scratching

How do you protect yourself from scammers? Jacek Barszczewski, Director of Social Communications at the KNF Office and spokesperson for the KNF Office wrote on Twitter. Also, be careful when someone convinces us to provide your details or make payments.

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