Netflix is ​​bolder and daring to upload large amounts of its productions.  Five productions exceeded $100 million

It’s no secret that Netflix is ​​constantly evolving. Sure, they’ve been making a lot of mistakes lately, and some of the other proprietary products fall far below par, but there’s no question of alienation and escape from the sinking ship. The platform continues to explore the world of full-fledged productions and seems to be bringing more and more money into their business.

After all, the best evidence for these words is the fact that their richest website, the “Grey Man,” which cost more than $200 million, debuted recently. It should be noted that this is the fifth film whose production costs have exceeded the magic barrier of one hundred million. They are all as follows:

  1. gray man ($200 million)
  2. red notice ($200 million)
  3. Irish ($150 million)
  4. 6 underground ($150 million)
  5. Outlaw King ($115 million)

Did you have the opportunity to see the above works? Make sure to tell me Which of them do you like more?Which turned out to be a complete failure. One thing is for sure – the list is likely to increase over time, and at the same time the standard amount spent on production will increase. Assuming Netflix comes out live when it comes to your interest, of course.

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