Netflix is ​​better than ever!

Do you use Netflix? If so, know that it just got better. Perhaps the unexpectedly presented function will be very useful to you.

Netflix is ​​the biggest player in the VOD market. Although other giants in the figure follow his heels HBO Max I Disney +Therefore, it seems that its position in the market is not in danger in the near future. The video-on-demand giant is constantly evolving, and while these aren’t usually revolutionary changes, the company is changing step by step in a way that is as user-friendly as possible.

So, surprisingly, some seemingly rudimentary functionality has been missing so far. Fortunately, Netflix listens to users’ voices sometimesAnd that is the case this time as well. The company has introduced the ability to remove content that we do not intend to return to from the “Watch More” queue. It’s something I’ve been waiting for.

come in. Netflix

Starting today, users around the world can delete consecutive titles from ‘See More’ on all devices (including TVs) with a single click. Simply tap on a movie, series or show in the list and select ‘Remove in a row’ If you change your mind, you can undo the title deletion by clicking the back arrow button.”

We often find ourselves in a situation where, in search of the perfect string for the evening, we run into something we don’t quite like. Then the series is still in suggestions for further viewing. You will continue to do this from now on, except that we can remove it. This is a small but important feature that can please many users.

Don’t know what to watch?

With the influx of new VOD services and a very rich offering of those already in place, we often have no idea what we’ll be watching tonight. If such dilemmas arise, we rush to help and suggest where and what to watch on the most popular VOD services.

source: Netflix

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