Netflix has canceled two more productions.  The platform is breaking records

When the competition celebrates the premiere of one of the most anticipated productions of the month, giant SVOD continues with the plan and quits more projects that fell short of supposed targets. In recent days, we have witnessed the cancellation of the next series.

It’s not the best start to the year for Netflix. Since the beginning of the year, the company has confirmed a decrease in the number of spin-off stories such as “1899,” “Inside Job,” and “Dead End,” while over the weekend the company dropped “The Chair” and “Uncoupled New York”). The main cast is by well-known actors, but we can assume that their names didn’t help get the viewership poles high enough.

“Lady Religion” It follows the story of the first woman from minorities to take over the declining position of Dean of the English Department at Pembroke University, which brings her many problems. Sandra Oh (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Killing Eve”) coped well with the role, which Amanda Peet prepared for, but the series only had 6 episodes.

while Single in New York Focus on the adventures of a New York real estate agent who must pick himself up after a 17-year relationship and, at the age of 40, attempt to start a new life. The main character was played by Neil Patrick Harris, whom you definitely know from How I Met Your Mother, A Series of Unfortunate Events or Resurrection of the Matrix. Only 8 episodes have been made for this series. Both productions were terminated after their first seasons.

Since the beginning of the year, Netflix has already abandoned 5 projects… and the second half of January is just beginning.

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