Netflix: Chris Rock finally spoke?!

Lovers of humorous English Chris Rock They can enjoy it on Thursday in Royal Albert Hall in London. At the time, the 57-year-old comedian indulged in a small commentary about the consequences of March’s clash with the actor on stage. According to the British website The Telegraph, the satirist said: “It’s fine if someone is wondering”.

“Restored most of my hearing” – he added sarcastically, concluding that he would tell everything at some point … Netflix. Why didn’t he even do it during Thursday’s performance? And so Chris Rock had an answer ready.

“The tickets were expensive. But they’re not that expensive.” — he answered, causing a torrent of speculation about how much the streaming giant offered him “live” coverage.

There was a surprising incident during the Oscar-winning ceremony at the Dolby Theatre. As the host, Chris Rock joked about the bald head Jade Pinkett Smithher husband will Smith He went up on stage and slapped him. Shortly thereafter, the transmission was interrupted. Smith won an Oscar for Best Leading Actor that night for his starring role in King Richard: A Victorious Family.

The comedian mentioned the actress’s appearance, stating that she could appear in the second part of “Ji Jin” (in the 1997 original film). Demi Moore Shaved head). It was too much for her husband. Movie star “King Richard: A Triumphant Family” Then he slapped him. “Don’t talk like that about my wife,” Smith cried in a frenzy. “It’s the best night in TV history,” Rock continued relentlessly.

Jada Pinkett Smith responded with a disgusted expression to the host’s random joke. Remember, the star suffers from an autoimmune disease called alopecia. It attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss and thus complete baldness. She talked about her condition in public.

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