Netflix charges a fee for account sharing.  Who will pay first?

Fear not, fear not, yet. If someone thinks that Netflix won’t do anything about the account sharing procedure despite the suggestions, you finally need to prepare for a different turn of events.

Netflix Homes, Paid Netflix Account Sharing in Early Countries

The fact that Netflix will somehow have to compensate for the outflow of users has been talked about for a long time. And it’s about ideas that certainly don’t appeal to at least some people who still use this site. One is the new, cheaper ad plan, and the other is the introduction of account sharing payments. Already in March, tests began in three countries, and now it was decided to take a step forward.

The Homes option will allow you to add other households to your account (from one to three, depending on the paid plan). Of course, for an additional fee – if Netflix (or earlier voluntarily provided by the user) discovers the use of the service outside his place of residence for more than two weeks. According to the information provided, IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity will be used for moderation, among other things. If payment is not due, the account will be blocked.

Who and how much will pay for sharing a Netflix account?

The new subscription system will be implemented in five Latin American countries in August. Users in Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras should be willing to pay an additional fee. Prices are supposed to be market dependent, but here (except in Argentina) it’s said to be $3 for each extra bed added.

Why was this area chosen? It is estimated that sharing passwords is especially popular in Latin America. Will the solution discussed also appear in other areas? Netflix has been pushing this concept forward all the time, so it seems like it’s only a matter of time.

There have already been voices that Netflix is ​​assuming a large influx of cash at the box office thanks to the additional account sharing fees. how do you think? Will you actually take advantage of it?

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