Netflix canceled the next production – a smash hit with 100% Critics’ Recommendations.  The fans are devastated

Netflix, much like the Reaper, is omitting later productions and the company doesn’t care about viewers’ sympathy for the story, the characters, or even the creators themselves. A dead end will not get you a decent ending.

Over the course of several weeks, Netflix canceled, among others, “1899” and “Inside Job,” a Now it’s time to say goodbye to “Dead End”.. Director Hamish Steele himself confirmed the news of the completion of work in the production.

“Hi friends. I’ve been holding this news off for a while, hoping that we can take it back, change it, and make something good out of it. But unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible now. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you the impasse is over.”

The creator confirmed that he and the writers prepared the scripts, designs, and plots for the third season, as the team always planned to “give these characters the proper ending they deserve.” Unfortunately: “the authorities [Netflixa] They don’t want more.”

Hamish Steele, following up on his speech, thanked Netflix for giving him the opportunity to create 20 episodes (two seasons) and at the same time assured that although it is a sad day, maybe one day he will have the opportunity to finish the story.

“Dead End” is another series that has received high critical acclaim (100% of recommendations on Rotten Tomatoes) and good reviews among viewers (average rating of 84%). Under the director’s letter, you will find a lot of statements from fans who cannot come to terms with this loss, because “Dead Spot: Paranormal Park” turned out to be a very important production for many viewers and everyone hoped for a proper ending. to the serial.

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