Neil Young, Govt blames Spotify for misinformation

Singer Neil Young has called on Spotify in an open letter deleting his music from the streaming platform, accusing him of misinformation about the Govt and vaccines through the podcasts of popular and controversial Joe Rogan.

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The famous ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Harvest Moon’ singer wrote, “I do this because Spotify spreads misinformation about vaccines – the misinformation they spread causes the death of believers.”

Young, 76, did not appear on the singer’s site on Tuesday, but in a letter to Rolling Stone, he said, “I would like to inform you today that all of my music for Spotify should be removed. Magazine website.

“They could be Rogan or Young. Neither, ”said the American-Canadian artist, whose latest album,” Born “, was released in late 2021.

Contacted by AFP, Spotify did not respond immediately. On Tuesday, Neil Young’s music was still on stage.

Joe Rogan’s Podcast (“The Joe Rogan Experience”) has amassed millions of plays – he signed a $ 100 million deal with Spotify last year – but has been accused of being a site for conspiracy theories and misinformation, especially about Govt-19.

The martial artist was accused of not promoting the vaccine among young people and of instigating the use of the unlicensed treatment of Ivermectin against the virus.

In December, 270 physicians, physicians and professors signed an open letter to Spotify asking them to do more to combat misinformation.

Neil Young previously removed his album from Spotify in 2015, citing sound quality issues. He then changed his mind and pointed out, “People get music here.”

The singer has his own online archive where his fans can subscribe to all his music.

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