June 9, 2023


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Negative effects of distance learning.  Piontkowski translates

Negative effects of distance learning. Piontkowski translates

According to research, in Poland every fourth student uses private lessons. The media reported that this is a normal result Distance learning, introduced due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, the deputy head of the Ministry of Education and Science indicated the information in a broadcast on Channel Three of Polish Radio.

The Renaissance in the private lessons market

According to Dariusz Piontkowski, “we are talking about some elements” in the context of the “renaissance” of the private tutoring market in Poland. First of all, the Ministry of Education and Science does not register in any way additional paid classes that are paid by parents after school hours. At the same time, these are often economically unregistered activities. COVID-19 and less effective teaching are also important. The epidemic has caused restrictions on the functioning of public life, as well as in our country. We realized that distance learning would be less effective than classroom learning. But we had two options: either let the students have a break from school and any contact with teachers, or try to organize distance learning – said the deputy minister.

We realize that even the latest hardware and the best software will not replace direct human-teacher-student communication in the long run. That is why, among other things, we have decided Reducing the requirements for the eighth grade exam and matura exam for the next few years – said Dariush Piontkovsky. He added that the Ministry of Education and Science “is aware of the difficulties students face after the pandemic.” – That is why it was decided to fund the supplementary classes. (…) Each school can apply for funds from the state budget to be able to organize additional classes for students who need translation or additional explanation – the PiS politician indicated.

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