Need for Speed ​​Unbound with music from Poland.  Check out the soundtrack

Electronic Arts encourages you to check out the Need for Speed ​​Unbound soundtrack. The production will be presented to players in December, and for the second time in history, those interested will check out the music of artists from Poland.

Electronic Arts surprised gamers by presenting Need for Speed ​​Unbound, because the title stands out from the crowd with its settings – the developers of Criterion Games took care of the comic presentation of the heroes, in addition, during the races we will notice it. Special effects that have not appeared in Elements of the NFS universe yet.

The developers also decided to highlight the atmosphere of the place with a soundtrack in an interesting way, and the last races will offer players world music and Polish rap stars. The soundtrack was composed by French electronic music and hip-hop producer Brodinski. It also wouldn’t be surprising to anyone An important role in the game was played by A$AP Rocky – it was his song that appeared in the first trailer Need for Speed ​​Unbound.

“In the soundtrack we will also hear Polish artists. This is the first collaboration in the history of the brand with local artists who join the group of the most unsurpassed artists of the younger generation in show business. Players from all over the world who roam the streets of Lakeshore will be able to feel the atmosphere of the street Real and familiar with Polish music thanks to the game’s official soundtrack. OKI and GEDZ will appear with the number “Siri” and Oliver Olsson and his “Pistons”. From Lublin, OKI is a talented representative of the new school of Polish hip-hop. Together with Otsochodzi and Young Igi , created the OIO collective. His latest album “Produkt 47”, released this year, was certified double platinum and climbed to number two on the OLiS chart. Oliver Olsson, on the other hand, is a rapper from Zabrze, debuting in 2020 With the album “Krochmal”. The song that we will hear on the soundtrack of the game “Płoki” comes from the album “Limbo” released a year later. With an energetic beat produced by Gibbs and a car-themed theme, the track fits perfectly into the racing theme Insane and street style.”

Criterion Games wants to provide players with a great gaming experience, while those interested will be given a unique opportunity to “discover new creators roaming the streets of Lakeshore.” There will also be a special car body shell in the game, which will be related to the musicians who appear on the soundtrack.

The Need For Speed ​​Unbound Official Licensed Soundtrack features the following artists:

  • A$AP Rocky – “Sh*ttin’ Me”
  • Kelvin Crash
  • slow thai
  • Thoth
  • Smokey Margill
  • icetoat
  • Biwi Longway
  • Tohji
  • Sleekback
  • JMK$
  • Coco Chloe
  • Lous and Yakuza
  • Crystal
  • A shy girl
  • Shireen David
  • Bonez MC
  • Closh
  • Gribbs
  • Alina Bash
  • yes
  • GEZ
  • Oliver Olson
  • Ref
  • Tropicylase
  • epist field
  • higher brothers
  • Tkai Midza
  • entangled
  • Villano Antilano
  • Kid Kane
  • surly
  • Terror Jr
  • Rico sucks

You will find the soundtrack over here. The following song from Poland will appear in Need for Speed ​​Unbound:

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