Need for Speed ​​Unbound is free to register on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play

Electronic Arts relies on the capabilities of its service to provide players with a 10-hour Need for Speed ​​Unbound experience. This is a very good opportunity for fans of the genre who want to know if it is worth investing in the full version of the game.

After 9:00 in the morning we gave the start of Need for Speed ​​Unbound on the portal, and at the same time it turned out that Criterion Games has also boosted its offering of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

Thus, willing recipients were given the opportunity to check the address for 10 hours, during which they could form an opinion about the solutions and ideas adopted by the British developers.

It is not known how long the story will be shown in the races, but in time you should definitely get to know more about the story mode. For example, the main plot of Need for Speed ​​(2015) guarantees fun for about 15.5 hours, and wanting to check Need for Speed ​​Payback (2017) you had to spend 19 hours, while in Need for Speed ​​Heat ( 2019) Ghost Games provided about 13 hours of sightseeing.

In the last installment, we will check out the online competition in the streets of Lakeshore City, and we will also participate in challenges, competitions and tasks, thanks to which we will get items to use during customization – so it pays to plan access to the experience version wisely.

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