Need for Speed ​​2022 can be modeled after NFS: ProStreet
December 6, 2021, 13:44

A producer’s entry from the Criterion studio has Need for Speed ​​fans skeptical that the next installment of the series will provide a return to the atmosphere straight from NFS: ProStreet.


  1. A producer from Studio Criterion shared photos with – apparently – material from the new need for speedAnd
  2. The photos were quickly deleted so what? for things
  3. The material brings to mind the style Need for speed street pro.

Some items appeared in the grid that might indicate the direction we’re going Need for speed cycle Need for Speed. Such a conclusion The fans are outBy analyzing the material provided by one of the developers from Criterion studio. It’s about producer Helen Keeji, who has been with the team since September of this year. She posted photos of the devices on Twitter that she was supposed to receive when she joined the team. It seemed to show too much, as the entries were quickly deleted, but before that players were able to make copies of them.

The images show part of the poster that may show the following scene need for speed. The graffiti style brings to mind the atmosphere Need for speed street pro. It should be noted that Helen Keji previously worked in the well-known studio Gameloft from the series asphaltWhich is strongly designed in the style of the brand NFS.

Need for Speed ​​2022 can be modeled after NFS: ProStreet - Illustration #1

?? ród³o: Max_Lazy_10.

Need for Speed ​​2022 can be modeled after NFS: ProStreet - Illustration #2

?? ród³o: Max_Lazy_10.

New reports may encourage you to dust off Need for speed street pro. If you want to go back to the PC version, it’s worth doing it with some useful tweaks:

  1. general repair ?? Improves Pad controls, removes frame rate cap, adds full support for widescreen HD resolutions, and fixes many technical bugs.
  2. NFSPS HUD Converter ?? HUD adjusts to any resolution, including those added by modifications.
  3. NFSPS HD Reflections ?? Improves the effects of reflections.
  4. Additional NFSPS Options ?? It allows you to configure the graphics and gameplay beyond what the official menu offers.
  5. Windows 10 Fix ?? A project for people who have problems running the game on the new Windows.

It is worth remembering the previous rumors about the next need for speed. Although the game was developed at Criterion studio, it largely falls to the people who relayed there from the Ghost Games team, who prepared the last four installments of the series. The production map is inspired by the city of Chicago.

Last year on the Internet leaked Play early. The material seems to indicate a hotter and more elegant appearance of the new need for speed From the previous parts of the series.

Finally, let us remind you that the game will be released this year. However, a large part of the studio Criterion . remained Season to support production Battlefield 2042And What is the reason for the delay? need for speed.

  1. 2021 without the need for speed. The standard will help the development of Battlefield 6
  2. Need for speed?? Official Website

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