Nazi flags on Nowy Świat in Warsaw.  They are making a movie.  We know what!

Townspeople walking along Nowy Świat, as well as tourists, must have been amazed when they saw Nazi flags with black swastikas in the heart of Warsaw. not everything. You can also see tanks and military equipment in the center of the capital, and soldiers in German WWII uniforms roam the streets! what is he talking about!? What is happening!?

Nazi flags on Nowy Świat in Warsaw

Such an opinion in the center from Warsaw On Saturday, October 15, he can feel anxious and bring back memories of the bloody times in Poland’s history. Along the street were Nazi flags, tanks and military equipment, as well as soldiers dressed in German War II uniforms It is an unusual sight for today’s residents Capital.

What is happening? Is there anything to be afraid of? We calm down. Nothing happens to the life and health of the people of Warsaw. Nazi flags are only items from the collection kit in Warsaw Feature film filmed in 1942.

Supposed to be a film story for Polish Jewish agent Kristina Schaerbeek.

Krakowskie Przedmieście . closed

Those who went for a walk on Saturday the new WorldThey had to change plans, or at least track. Metal handrails blocked the corridor. There was a note on anything, stating that due to the filming of the feature film, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście possible from the ul. Oboźna and ul. Chucky.


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