NATO declared hybrid war on Russia

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council shocks again with his posts on social media. This time, the Russian politician does not like the participation of NATO and the West in supporting the Ukrainian army. In particular, Medvedev was outraged by reports from the United States about the Patriot system.

Patriots of Ukraine

Recall that the Joe Biden administration wants to send an anti-aircraft defense system to the Ukrainians who are fighting the Russians. According to CNN, Work on this issue is nearing completion. The Pentagon idea still needs to be approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin before it can be sent for President Joe Biden’s signature. According to CNN, the president’s approval is expected.

Meanwhile, Medvedev, referring to these reports, said that they were an example of the Russophobia practiced by the “powerless” members of the US Senate. The politician also believes that there is a hybrid war between NATO and Russia.

“Today, however, a fundamental question arises: can the hybrid war, which NATO actually declared to our country, be considered the entry of NATO into a war with Russia? Can the delivery of a huge amount of weapons to Ukraine be considered an attack on Russia? the former asks in his Telegram message.

Medvedev concluded his post, “The leaders of NATO countries sing with one voice that their countries and the entire alliance are not at war with Russia. But everyone knows very well that it is different.”

Medvedev shocks

The former Russian president is known for his shocking social media posts. Recently, Medvedev referred to the words of the President of Latvia, who stated that an international tribunal could be created to look into war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine in Riga.

The Russian politician said: “What can I say: the less important the state and the more stupid its leader, the higher the ambitions.”

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