Young Gaquists Published on our pagesYesterday, an open letter signed by their chairman, Kevan Brasour, proposing to create a museum of national history in Quebec.

Needless to say, this proposal is deliciously subdued in an era where Western societies are proliferating penitent reactionaries. Tவதற்குlé-Québec declared “to colonize history.”, Rewriting it according to the symbols of multiculturalism and racism.

The proposal of the young Coquistos also has the immense merit of reminding us that it is at the center of our national history, recognizing its common thread. I can not resist the urge to quote them: “The history of Quebec is, above all, the history of the French-speaking nation in the United States, which has succeeded for four centuries in cultivating its uniqueness. It is the story of the survival and flourishing of a single and French-speaking culture on a large English-speaking continent, and this collective difference is something that adds to our pride.

This definition, concise, concise, strong, summarizes the meaning of our historical journey and, today, without the slightest doubt, corresponds to our existential situation, while at the same time the question of survival. The latter arises in a context where, at the same time, the intensification of Canadian multiculturalism, the rise of imperialism of American descent, the predicted linguistic and demographic decline of the historic Francophone majority and the exhaustion of identifying a region are testing a form of secret integration with Quebec society.

It is therefore important to reconnect the history that is the raw material of the people’s identity, by liberating it, by confronting the militant liars who publicly subsidize it. By reconnecting with it, the fundamental question of our national future may arise again at the heart of public life.

We understand each other well: it is not a question of proposing a dull account of forgetting the gray parts of our history, but of proposing its true account, testifying to our existence in the United States for centuries and the legitimate desire to retain us as a people and our right to be masters of the home.

After all, this story is not shameful: a people rooted in the United States with the epic of New France, who built their country one village at a time, who escaped from conquest, who wants to die, who clings to existence, who rises every time, and sometimes hesitates to embrace his destiny, however, always Who finds a way to rebirth as well.

I will add, some young caveats are already telling themselves, or will tell one day, I firmly believe that this story will one day end in freedom.

The young Caucasians, who called for the creation of a museum of Quebec’s national history, encouraged the Quebec government to give more political flesh to its desire to reassure the Quebec people.

Not only are they being asked, this youth faction, if true to this project, is increasingly playing a major role in this party, as young liberals in the early 1990s represented the nationalist faction in their time. Among those who first drew the consequences of Meech’s defeat were those from his party.

When the big deadlines come, when Quebec will have to face its fate again, young Caucasians will play a key role in the future by inspiring their party and calling for courage for the freedom of the Quebec people.

At the very least, they already have the guts of identity, which will be the same thing at this point in our history.

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