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What to see and what to do this week? Cultural suggestions from our journalists are here.

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Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

Veronica Larog

Veronica Larog

Iris Cognon paradise

Iris Cognon paradise

Montreal Patrice Mychad, Alicia Moffett Reborn With Roxanne Bruno

The Grand Specter de la Fate Nationals will be held in Montreal on June 23 at the Place Desfestivals. Is titled I love my language And hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord, which brings together 30 singers, musicians and dancers, including Patrice Michaud, Alicia Moffet, Jay Scott, Sarahmée, Les Louanges, FouKi, Ariane Roy, Kathia Rock, Roxane Bruneau and Michel Pagliaro. The show will air the next day on ICI Radio-Canada Tele and TVA.

FouKi, Hubert Lenoir, Klô Pelgag and co

Photo by Sarah Mongkow-Birkett, La Press Archives

Klô Pelgag, who painted here during his visit to MTelus, will be celebrating in Laval.

Laval is celebrating this year’s “Saint-Gene” festival by combining several prominent names in music on the stage of the Center de la Nature. FouKi, Hubert Lenoir, Klô Pelgag, High Classified, Les Louanges, Lisa LeBlanc, Patrice Michaud, Isabelle Boulay, Samian and Sarahmée will perform classical Quebec songs, but will also perform musical inventions. The patriotic text, to be published on the evening of June 24, was co-authored by Michael Mark Bouchard and Caroline Dawson. Free shuttle service to Montmorsey and Cartier metro stations will be provided at the end of the evening. Site opening at 5:30 pm, show start at 8:30 pm.

The Selparbs will lead the way in the plains of Abraham

Photo by Eric Labe, The Sun.

The Selforps team will be at the center of the show, which will be presented on Abraham’s Plain.

The Saleporps Group will host a major concert on June 23 at 9pm in the Abraham Plain in Quebec. Many guests will be around the group, including Richard Seguin, Marjo, Melissa Bedard, Jerome 50, Florent Valent and Lou-Adrian Cassidy. Artists Pépé and his guitarist and Marco Calliari will be in charge of the first part, with Mark LaPrace reading the patriotic speech beginning at 6:30 p.m. The show will air on Télé-Québec from 9:30 p.m.

Arian Moffat and Louis-Jean Carmire in Catino

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Archives Law Press

Ariane Moffatt (opposite) and Louis-Jean Cormier will be in the Vieux-Hull District on June 23.

The Rue Laval Sector in the Vieux-Hull District will host National Day celebrations on June 23. For the event, Arian Moffat and Louise-Jean Carmire will share the stage. The show is free. Still in Catino, but in Park des Cetres, two performances are planned as part of the Outgoing My Fate Festival, on one occasion, Dyer Le Coyote and Hubert Lenoir (June 23) and, on the other, Cœur Pirate and Émile Bilodeau (June 24). Tickets must be purchased for these last two shows.

Sad cowboys

Photo by Sarah Mongkow-Birkett, La Press Archives

On June 24th, the Fringant Cowboys will be on the Park de L’Le-label in Rebentini.

On June 24, the Fringend Cowboys return to a corner of the country to celebrate the national holiday on the stage of Il-label Park in Rebentini, where they present 10 songs.e Album, Antibode. DJ Abe will open the ball at 5pm, followed by singer-songwriter Steve Provost. Cowboys are expected from 8:30 p.m. Their show will be followed by a pyromomusical show.

Three contracts in Varanasi

Photo by Sarah Mongkow-Birkett, La Press Archives

The Les Troyes deals will be in Varennes during their show on MTelus.

“So glad! Visitors traveling to Varanasi on June 23 to hear the Les Troyes deal can predict whether or not they will be singing the title song of their most recent studio album. Trucks will be on site.Hop lovers, in particular, will have the opportunity to taste one of the three beers brewed for 350e This is the anniversary of the city of Montérégie. Note that the group will be in Saint-Constant the next day. 7pm, at the Park de la Commune in Varanasi. The show starts at 8:30 p.m.

Quality Motel and Fanny Bloom in St. Constantine

Photo by ULYSSE LEMERISE, LA Presse archives

Fanny Bloom will be part of the party at Saint-Constant.

In Montérgie, the Base de plein air de Saint-Constant will host the National Day event on June 24. On stage: Singer Alexis Arbor was followed at 7:30 pm by the Qualit Motel ensemble and their special guests including Fanny Bloom. The Les Trois deals are then expected for a one-and-a-half hour show from 8:45 p.m. The evening will end with fireworks. School bus shuttle service will be available throughout the evening.

SudBest on the Lachine Canal

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dowell, Southbest

Sudbest event

Head southwest of the city for the second edition of the SudBest event, which will feature some of the best shows this Saint-Jean weekend. A dozen merchants and several restaurants in the neighborhood are ready to showcase their products, satisfy the bare stomach and quench the thirst of the thirsty. On the evening of the national holiday there will also be an outstanding music and art show honoring three players of the Quebec Alternative Scene: Lost Heroes, Lexis and Borier. Admission to the site is free and pets are accepted. June 24, 25 and 26 at 40, rue des Seigneurs.

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