National Day in Quebec: Marie-Annique Lepin to pay tribute to Carl Tremblay in the Plains

One year after their memorable concert at the Quebec Summer Festival, on June 23, the music of Cowboys Fringeants will once again rock the Plains of Abraham: Carl Tremblay will be saluted by his lover Mary during the National Day of Remembrance program. Annick Lepin.

The violinist and singer of Quebec’s most admired group will be one of the headliners of this annual event, hosted by her best friend Mara Tremblay, who will bring a whirlwind of emotions to the audience.

“When I knew they were going to pay tribute to Carl, it was impossible for me that it wasn’t Marie-Annique who shared the stage with me. It was impossible that she wasn’t part of this show, that she didn’t represent our friendship,” Mara Tremblay met Thursday during the launch of the show.

We still don’t know which is which or which, but we’ll hear at least one Cowboys Fringeants song.

“She’s going to prepare a note for her boyfriend and she’s going to sing his song. It will be very touching. This girl is very strong. I admire him,” says Mara Tremblay.

“A Chameleon”

The rest of the show’s strong line-up is, as usual, veterans of the local music scene and emerging artists: Patrice Michaud, Paul Daraîche, Mitsou, Les Louanges, Ariane Roy, Laurence Nerbonne, Waahli, Beatrice Deer, Matiu and Galant, you’re wasting your time taking part in the party.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Mara Tremblay will succeed Emily Bilodeau in the role of the show’s lead artist.

“She can do anything. It’s like a chameleon. She plays rock, country, pop. She’s a stunning, confident 50-year-old woman,” boasts artistic director Karin Arsenault.

Musical direction was entrusted to Antoine Graton. The Zébulon group will present the first part at 6:30 p.m., and actor Benoit McGinnis, spokesman for the 2024 National Day celebrations, will read a patriotic speech.

Tribute to Ferland

As with the Montreal event the following day, a tribute will also be paid to Jean-Pierre Ferland, whose national funeral was celebrated in the evening.

It’s a mix that lasts about ten minutes, explains Karin Arsenault.

“It’s hard for everybody to do Ferland, so how do you stand out? I think there’s a perfect opportunity to keep our left field in Quebec and highlight his work. We asked our artists, and we’re not going for the classics that we hear 56 times a year. We’re going to highlight the little gems from Ferland that we hear a little less. .

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