National Bank of Poland reveals its cards. Surprise increase in inflation expectations

The central path of the NBP forecast assumes that average consumer inflation in Poland (measured by the CPI) In 2024 it will reach 3.7 percent, in 2025 it will rise to 5.2 percent, and in 2026 it will fall to 2.7 percent. – According to the July forecast of the National Bank of Poland.

“Information and data that arrived after the March forecasts closed have contributed to a downward revision of the expected economic growth rate path and an upward revision of the CPI inflation forecast for 2024-25. At the same time, expectations for these variables have been raised and 2026 has not changed significantly,” the report wrote.

“The comparison is with the March forecast version, which was developed with the assumption that protective measures in food and energy prices would be maintained throughout its horizon, which was the central scenario in the previous forecast round,” he added.

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