Natalia Siwick posted a photo with long legs.  A fan accused her of retouching her.  "Someone should be fired."  she replied

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Natalia Siwick I submitted a photo from one of the photoshoots I participated in. The model is standing on a pink bench and showing off her exceptionally long legs. This shot caught the attention of an observer Swiek. The netizen accused the influencer that the photographer collaborating with her had exaggerated a bit Photoshop

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Hairstylist Natalia Swiek was surprised by the appearance of her hair

Rozenek is disproportionate, a duda bends in sight. celebrity mistakes in photoshop

Natalia Siwick accused by a fan of the edit

Below the model image we can read the observer’s comment:

With all due respect to the retouching process, but the length of Natalia and Natalia’s calves is slightly curved. The person who prepared this photo should be fired – the observer pointed to the form.

It didn’t take long for the star to respond. Natalia Siwick I explained to the fan that her long calves were due to perspective.

Dear, do you know how perspective works? It does miracles. Sit there and ask someone to take a picture of you from below, Siwiec answered firmly.

Despite this, the netizen did not give up, explaining to Siwick that she knows what she has, because “she has a photographer at home.”

I know something about pictures I have a Famo photographer at home [wydział Akademii Sztuk Scenicznych w Pradze – red.]. Also… – Cut off the fan talk.

This isn’t the first time Siwiec’s parties have triggered the emotions of her Instagram followers. At the beginning of the year of celebrities worm A picture against a wonderful background of the heavenly scenery in Tulum, where she missed… her left hand.

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Do you agree with the Internet user to change the image of Siwiec?

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